Public Sector Updates – North

Launceston General Hospital (LGH)


Ward 5B

On Tuesday 26 July 2022, the ANMF met with members on Ward 5B to discuss current workload concerns. Members reflected on progress of the workload matters from the initial engagement on such workload concerns from 2021 and endorsed raising a Step 1 Grievance. The ANMF is in the process of writing this grievance up and will provide an update to members once in receipt of a Tasmanian Health Service (THS) response.

Ward 4O/B

On Friday 29 July 2022, the ANMF meet with members on Ward 4O/B to discuss the Step 2 Specialist Panel outcomes from Step 2 Specialist panel meeting held on Wednesday 15 June 2022. Members detailed concerns that matters giving rise to the original grievance have not improved workload and remain. Members provided support to the reconvening of the Step 2 specialist panel meeting to find solutions to the workload concerns. Should these solutions not be found, or agreed to, members have indicated that a Step 3 process could be commenced.

Launceston Community Nursing Service

The ANMF met with Launceston Community Nursing Service regarding the recent change proposals. Feedback from staff indicates positive support for the changes made across the service. If members have further questions or feedback regarding the change we encourage them to contact the ANMF.

Beaconsfield District Hospital

The survey for the three-month roster is now out. The ANMF encourages staff to ensure their feedback is heard by completing this survey.

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