Individual Representation


Our team of professionals have your back.

Our team is made up of nurses, midwives, and care workers so have your representation needs covered. Members may seek Individual Representation for disciplinary meetings, workplace issues, AHPRA matters, coronial inquests, as well as access to legal advice if ANMF believe it is deemed necessary.

What Individual matters can the ANMF assist me with?
• Questions about entitlements – pay rate, leave (annual, long service, parental, leave without pay, public holidays)
• Responding to a letter of allegation
• Seeking support for a meeting with management/HR
• Change to employment status – including termination of employment
• Responding to a letter of complaint (other than an allegation)
• Assistance in relation to a coronial inquest
• Responding to AHPRA notifications; making an AHPRA notification
• Allegations of bullying
• Questions about scope of practice
• Questions about legislation
• Worker’s compensation queries
• Questions about how to resign
• Many other matters

You can find out more in the ANMF Member Representation Policy here.

Is my query treated in confidence?
Yes, the Member Support Team will answer your query directly. If there is a need to contact your employer, or someone on your behalf, the Team will only do so after discussing that with you and getting your permission to do so. The Team do not advise employers when members raise questions with us.

I need Individual Representation. Who do I contact?
You can contact the Member Support Team here or call ANMF reception between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday by phoning (03) 6223 6777 or 1800 001 241 if you are outside Hobart. Your inquiry will be responded to as soon as possible. Priority is given to urgent and time-critical matters such as AHPRA notifications, terminations, and disciplinary issues. The Member Support Team will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within one business day but, if not, within three business days. If you have not received a response from the ANMF Member Support Team within this timeframe, please check all junk and spam folders in your inbox – your security settings may be misdirecting your incoming mail.

Resources for Individual Representation
Request for Representation Form
Request for Representation: Frequently Asked Questions


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